A Spiritual Monthly DVD Magazine of Sant Shri Asharamji Ashram

Rishi Darshan - A Spiritual Monthly DVD Magazine of Sant Shri Asharamji Ashram
Spiritual Monthly DVD Magazine

Rishi Darshan is a high quality DVD magazine based on the life, teachings and yogleela of His Holiness Sant Asharam Bapuji.
Rishi Darshan documents, presents, preserves and visually express the unique heritage of the spiritualism, culture, yoga and tradition.
Even at the age of 75+, Asharam Bapuji is travelling across the length and breadth of India imparting spiritual knowledge to awaken mankind and bring solace to troubled souls.In the interest of easier and wider reach of all masses across the globe, under the guidance of Pujya Bapuji, Rishi Darshan (his message in DVD format to entire humanity) has been launched.

  • Bapuji must have to be acquitted...
  • Highlights of August edition.
  • Dr. Swamy: Fake Case on Bapuji
  • God Realization - Simple steps
  • Truth alone Triumphs....
  • Young Scientist Award to Gurukul Student.
  • Conspiracy Exposed by Bholanand...
  • Parents Worship Day BBC NEWS.
  • Selfless Service by devotees of Bapuji..
  • Glory of India - The Saints
  • Future Leaders of India thronged the Guruís Hermitage
  • Flood Relief - Sewa Karya
  • Women Uproar Against INJUSTICE....
  • Home Minister of India....
  • Laws should not be misused
  • Satya ki JEET hogi....
  • Durlabh Satsang..
  • Psychological Aspects behind the entire Conspiracy